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Middle School

Sayre Middle School, grades 5-8, is a place where academic excellence meets joyful learning. We are committed to helping young people delve deeply into intellectual topics through cooperation, collaboration, and rich investigations. We teach students to ask important questions and to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information to find solutions. Our faculty are experts at working with this developmental age, allowing young people to stretch their boundaries and find their place in the world.

Program Highlights

  • A 1-to-1 iPad program brings 21st century learning strategies into the classrooms
  • 100% of students take Visual Art, Theatre, and Music classes each year
  • Students participate in about three hours of Physical Education classes each week, daily recess and morning breaks, and wrap-up sessions at the conclusion of every day
  • Over 75% of students are involved in one or more school-sponsored athletic teams   
  • Students present publicly the results of their research and original work.
  • Elective period provides opportunities for exploration in theatre, community, art, chorus, Quick Recall, videography, and other technology topics.
  • Weekly Flex Period affords time within the schedule to conduct all-school programs, grade level meetings, and division-wide celebrations
  • Students have the opportunity to take classes at the Upper School level in Modern Language and Mathematics


Sayre's Middle School provides a curriculum designed to equip young people with the information, skills, and discernment they need to make good choices. In a nurturing and supportive atmosphere, our students learn the value of attaining fluency in another language in order to thrive in a diverse global society, to see that community service and awareness are the responsibilities of every concerned citizen, to grasp the importance of communication, both written and oral, to realize that education is a life-long process,  and to recognize that increased freedom and independence come with heightened responsibilities.

Character Development

Sayre School values students as individuals and works to foster their understanding of themselves and their roles in the larger community. Our core values of wisdom, integrity, respect, and compassion are woven throughout the school. Our efforts to promote these core values include classes, clubs, and activities to reach all students. Topics and skills are taught and practiced on a developmentally appropriate continuum centered on these themes: student mentoring, giving back to community, understanding personal and cultural differences, awareness of self, and development of social skills.

Sayre defines its core values as:
Wisdom – knowledge of what is right combined with sound judgment
Integrity – understanding and practice of what is honest, decent, and good
Respect – holding self and others in high regard
Compassion – empathy for others combined with helpful action

The Middle School years are a time of significant emotional, intellectual, social and physical change. Since Sayre is committed to the promotion of "intellectual, emotional, physical, social and aesthetic growth," it is imperative that character development be an integral component of our Middle School curriculum.

Although character development is woven throughout every class and activity, there are a number of programs that have been established in our Middle School curriculum in an effort to promote integrity, to foster respect and compassion, and to encourage positive relationships.