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College Counseling

Sayre School’s college counseling process utilizes the knowledge that colleges and universities have individual personalities just as each of our Sayre School students has an individual and distinctive personality.  The college counseling process aims to identify for each student the right “type” of school, in regard to size, cost, distance from home, region of the country, quality of specific academic programs, social climate, community settings, and so forth, and to help students gain admittance to colleges where they will grow and thrive.

Program Highlights

  • College Application Support
  • College Essay Summer Workshops
  • One-to-One Consultations on The College Essay
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Campus Visit Tips
  • Free Online Test Prep
  • Resume Writing
  • Senior Internship Program
  • Summer Enrichment Programs
Thank you so much for including UNC in Sayre's College Admissions Forum.  It is always such a interact with your always courteous and bright students. Thank you also for including me in the college panel.
I felt honored to be in such esteemed company. 
UNC-Chapel Hill Admission Officer
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Mrs. Bilberry and I are fortunate to serve as college counselors in an environment such as Sayre, where college counseling is a mindset.  We learn what makes our students tick inside and outside of the classroom.  We partner with families, listen to their ideas and wishes and help them sort out the myths versus the realities of what makes a college a good fit.  Our ultimate challenge is to lead each student to an array of schools that best serves personal interests and passions.

Randy Mills

Randy Mills
College Counselor
(859) 254-1361, Extension 253

B.A. Eastern Kentucky University
M.A. Georgetown College

Cathy Bilberry
Assistant College Counselor
(859) 254-1361, Extension 254

B.A. University of Kentucky
M.A. University of Kentucky


Senior Anna Kate Mielder talks with the office about the college application process!