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Academic Services

Sayre’s Department of Academic Services provides a variety of direct and indirect supports, designed to maximize student achievement and support the overall educational program. Currently, our program offers a continuum of services from preschool through grade twelve. On staff, we have two reading specialists, two math specialists, and four academic and curriculum specialists. In addition to our in-house experts, we have strong community connections with speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, educational coaches (ex: ADHD coaching), as well as psychologists who complete neuropsychological evaluations. We have built strong partnerships with many organizations so our students can have access to exceptional therapeutic support, helping us to best serve their needs. 

Students who benefit from working with our team are both students who have diagnosed needs (often learning disabilities, ADHD, or anxiety) and/or need additional help. An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is created for students who have a diagnosis and are entitled to accommodations and/or modifications to their educational experience. Academic Services and the classroom teachers at all levels work collaboratively to ensure that these accommodations are provided with fidelity. 

When working with team members, students have access to a variety of supports. Their sessions could include another student or be completely individualized. If a student requires remediation support,it is provided. However, another student may benefit from curricular supports or executive functioning coaching. Time spent with a specialist takes all shapes and forms, always with the student and their needs at the forefront. Parents are also encouraged to have open dialogue in order to best understand what is going on during sessions, and how they can support their student(s) at home.  This relationship promotes the understanding that school and home are interconnected and that our skills are generalized. 

When working with Academic Services, students and families benefit from working with a professional that is an expert in their field, and extremely knowledgeable about Sayre’s curriculum. They are able to follow along with classes and support the whole child. 

To schedule with Academic Services, reach out! Students are scheduled as space permits with first consideration given to students with the highest level of need.

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 Academic Services Department Description


Meet Our Staff


Katie Mooney
Director of Academic Services 

Cynthia Lee
Reading Intervention, LS 

Beth Bates
Learning Specialist, US 

Amy Mitchell
Math Learning Specialist, MS/US 

Bennett Civils
Reading Intervention/Literacy Specialist, MS/US

Sara Schuer
Learning Specialist, MS  

Holly Evans
Learning Specialist, LS