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Mission & History


Sayre School provides an innovative and inclusive learning environment that empowers students to achieve academic excellence, embrace challenge, and cultivate integrity in order to lead purposeful lives in an ever-changing world.

Ratified by the Board of Trustees, December 15, 2016

Vision Statement

Sayre School promotes intellectual, emotional, physical, social and aesthetic growth in each of its students. Founded in 1854, we honor our rich heritage and embrace change as we continually strive to achieve academic excellence. As a community, we are bound by the shared responsibility to foster a spirit of mutual respect and kindness. We value equity, justice, and the diverse perspectives of our world.

We believe in the elegance of creative and disciplined thought. The school strives to help each student acquire self-discipline, develop critical thinking, and engage in civil discourse in order to be informed, impactful members of society. Students participate in a wide range of innovative and differentiated courses and co-curricular activities to further cultivate their physical, intellectual and moral growth.

Our goal is to send students into the world understanding the meaning of honorable behavior, embracing the importance of personal accountability, and possessing the confidence and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to their future communities.

Ratified by the Board of Trustees, September 7, 2017

Making Our Mark on the Future

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 Strategic Plan, Vision 2018


Founded in 1854 by David A. Sayre, Sayre School has accepted the challenge of the day to provide in David Sayre’s own words “an education of the widest range and highest order.”  A female institute until 1876, the school survived the tumultuous Civil War and Great Depression eras through adaptive decision making and an eye to the future.
Throughout the years the physical campus evolved as needs arose but has always centered around “Old Sayre,” the original five story Greek Revival centerpiece topped with its landmark cupola.


Sayre School values students as individuals and works to foster their understanding of themselves and their roles in the larger community.  Our core values of wisdom, integrity, respect, and compassion are woven throughout the school.


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 Core Values in Action at Sayre