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Board of Trustees

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Mrs. Emily Cowles  
Class of 2023  
Mrs. Amy Allen Mr. Brian Graves '92
Dr. DeShana Collett Mrs. Betty Simms Receski
Mr. Morgan Fister, Treasurer Mrs. Sue Strup
Class of 2024  
Mr. John Farris, Secretary Mr. Joseph Palumbo '94
Mrs. Hannah Goodman Goodlett '05 Dr. Anne Pittman
Mrs. Cheryl Johnston Mr. Michael Thornberry, Vice Chair
Class of 2025  
Mr. Anthany Beatty, Jr. Mr. Langdon Shoop '93
Mrs. Emily Cowles, Chair Mr. Tom Stephens '94
Mrs. Jennie Garlington  


Class of 2026
Mrs. Tiffany Fleming Mr. Greg Leveridge '98
Mrs. Kathryn R. Hill Mr.  Tyler Mainous '91
Ms. Anne Kenan Mr. A. Griggs Powell '90


Mr. Stephen Manella, Head of School
Honorary Members
Mrs. Katherine N. Sautter
Mrs. Becky Goodman
Mr. Greg Goodman
Sayre Medallion


The Sayre Medallion is the highest honor that the school bestows. The Award was established in 1977 and consists of a silver 1854 half-dollar encircled by a ring of gold. The story, perhaps apocryphal, is that David A. Sayre arrived in Lexington in 1811 from his boyhood home in New Jersey with only a half-dollar in his pocket. When the award was established, its designer, George Headley, selected the coin to signify the year in which the school was founded. The Award is not given annually.

Sayre Medallion Recipients

Mr. & Mrs. C.V. Whitney
Dr. & Mrs. J. Farra VanMeter
Mrs. Lillian Franzheim Webb
Mr. M.L.L. Short & Mrs. Judy Short
Mr. Robert A. Sparks, Jr.
Mr. Barney Alden Tucker
Mr. William B. Cowden
Mr. W. B. Terry
Mr. P. Whitney Webb
Mrs. Martha S. Wilkinson
Mrs. Dorothy Johnson Hancock
Mr. Elmer Whitaker
Mrs. Alex Bower
Mr. O. A. Bakhaus
Mr. Paul E. Miller
Mr. Warren W. Rosenthal
Mrs. Katherine N. Sautter
Mrs. Lucy B. VanMeter ‘79
Mr. Greg & Mrs. Becky Goodman
Mr. Don Jacobs, Sr.
Mr. Rudolph Schmidt, Jr.