Upper School

"In the future if we ever feel lost in our sense of self as we all go our individual ways, let us allow ourselves to come back to Sayre, to the people we met here, the memories we made, and the lessons we learned, whether these lessons were imparted over twelve years or just in one. Let us remember that we are best served carrying compassion for each and every human being, no matter where they come from or where they are going. Let us remember that our education is not just a culmination of the tests we took or the projects we presented, but rather a lifelong pursuit inspired by the discussions we had, the days we argued about the changing world, and the ways in which we empowered others and ourselves. Let us never forget, as Sayre taught us, that our education is the universe, that our potential is infinite."

Sana Aslam
Excerpt from her Salutatorian Address
Sayre School, Class of 2016
Yale University, Class of 2020

Welcome to the Upper School. We provide our students with rich and varied opportunities for academic and personal growth. Our exceptionally diverse curricular offerings and co-curricular programs promote collaboration, exploration and active learning. We encourage students to take risks, develop talents and affinities, and excel in their areas of strength. Our faculty members are expert in their disciplines, and they are compassionate teachers as well. They know their students as people first, acknowledging and valuing their students’ strengths. The Upper School building is designed to facilitate these interactions with open communal gathering spaces such as the central atrium where we hold Morning Meetings, and smaller conference rooms for collaboration and quiet study. Sayre’s college-like campus, located in Lexington's historic district, promotes student autonomy, as they learn to think critically, value honorable behavior, and develop the skills and maturity necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

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